31st March, 2010

Members praise Kopeks management for bonus payout

Buvil (third from right) and staff attending to members who turn up at Kopeks’ office in Sadong Jaya

KOTA KINABALU: After fifteen years in limbo and rudderless, the Sabah Government Employees Cooperative Society Berhad or Kopeks is reasserting its position as a trustworthy and leading cooperative society serving Sabah government employees. Its payout of bonuses to members for
the financial year 2008 received all round applause from its members.

“The steps taken by the new board and management of Kopeks augurs well for the future,” said member Tarawi Rukot, who is the deputy general manager (administration) of the Sabah Rubber Industry Board (LIGS).

He had been a member since 1981, but withdrew his membership when the Kopeks was plagued by internal strife. However, he rejoined in 2008 when it was taken over by the new management.

Datuk Maznah Abdul Ghani, deputy state secretary, is the chairman of the board while its CEO Buvil Angkui is responsible for the implementation of the policy and direction of Kopeks.

Each member was rewarded with four per cent a share and another one per cent of their accumulated membership fees.

On the bonus, Tarawi said it was a positive development from the perspective of the welfare of members as well as its business ventures. This moment had long been awaited, he added.

“The declaration of bonuses has given Kopeks a new outlook and proved that it has come out of the tunnel,” he added, praising the new management and leadership.

Tarawi further urged government employees and those engaged in government linked companies (GLC) to join Kopeks as it is now on the right footing.

Another member Besy Doniu expressed satisfaction of the performance of Kopeks which served the welfare of its members. “The credit facilities offered is very convenient as the need for a guarantor is done away with,” she said, adding that it is very practical.

“Members are given the trust of the management as they are also the shareholders of the cooperative. Therefore, the onus is on everyone to maintain proper account and credit record to avoid their credit facilities being forfeited,” she advised.

The processing of loan and credit applications can now be approved speedily if all supporting documents of the applicants are in place. The processing of the main loan, which is up to RM100,000, takes less than a week.

“I don’t regret being a member of Kopeks since the 1980’s, although I had ever thought of
resigning when Kopeks underwent a crisis,” said Besy, who is serving at the Queen Elizabeth

She praised the Kopeks management for the bonus payout, and hoped that dividends would be paid out for the financial year 2009. She had no hesitation to encourage her colleagues to join Kopeks for the many benefits.

Meanwhile, many members were seen making a beeline to the Kopeks office in the state capital to enquire about their bonuses. They also took the opportunity to get to know the functions of Kopeks and its credit facilities.

Kopeks’ office is situated at the Sadong Jaya Complex. Its membership is open to all employees in the government and its agencies as well as state and federal GLCs.

Besides applying for membership and loan applications at its counter, members can also apply online through its website at